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Water damage in a property can be as a result of a burst pipe or water heater, a faulty appliance, a backed up sewer line, moisture accumulating behind walls or inside a roof and even severe weather that has occurred. After water damage has occurred, it is crucial to ensure that it is addressed and mitigated as quickly as possible. This prevents further damage from occurring. ServiceMaster Restore professional teams can assist with several types of commercial and residential water damage mitigation services.

Use our Emergency Service

At ServiceMaster restore, they understand that water damage usually doesn’t happen at a convenient time. As a result, they offer clients a 24/7 emergency callout service to ensure that water damage in your property is kept to an absolute minimum at all times.

After noticing that water damage has occurred, it’s crucial to contact ServiceMaster Restore ASAP. This will enable their team to be dispatched as quickly as possible to assess the damage and determine which measures will be required to restore your property.

Some of the Water Damage Mitigation Services we Provide

  • Mold inspection and remediation
  • Cleaning floors, rugs and upholstery
  • Water extraction
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Dehumidification
  • Cleaning and drying of property contents
  • Much more

While waiting for their team to arrive at your property, it is essential to start mopping as much water outside as possible. Wet rugs or furniture can also be carried outdoors and draperies should be lifted off the flooring as well. If you have experienced water damage or you would like to ensure that you have ServiceMaster Restore details on hand in case of emergency, get in touch with their professional team today. They will always be willing to assist you wherever possible to prevent water from permanently damaging your property.

Has your Property Suffered Water Damage? Let ServiceMaster Restore Assist you

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