Excess water can cause substantial damage inside residential and commercial properties within a matter of hours. If left unattended, it will cause wooden flooring and cabinets to rot, carpeting and draperies to be ruined and result in mold developing over time. If water damage has occurred on your property, their team can assist you with getting your property cleaned up and habitable quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Assessing the Damage

After contacting Belfor, their company will send a team to your property to assess the severity of damage that has occurred. Appropriate measures will be put in place to remove excess water and dampness to prevent further damage from occurring. This can include mopping, using pumps to move water outdoors and making use of industrial fans and dehumidifying units to prevent the development of Cladosporium or black mold.

Areas of a property that can be affected by water damage include roofing, ceilings, flooring, interior, and exterior walls and virtually anywhere else where water has been standing stagnant for a while.

Dealing with Mold

Mold can start developing within hours of water damage occurring, which is why immediate action must be taken. Our team will perform indoor air testing by using moisture detection tools and work with various safe removal methods to prevent it from spreading throughout your property.

If you have experienced water damage in your property as a result of severe weather or any other reasons, our team is here to help you. Simply give us a call to find out how we can do so. They offer a 24/7 emergency callout service as well, meaning that you will not have to ‘wait until the morning’ to hire our services. Get in touch with Belfor to ensure that any property damage is kept to an absolute minimum after water damage has occurred.

Belfor’s Expert Water Damage and Remediation Services

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